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          Company news

          The Seventeenth International Exhibition of light film and f

          time :2016-01-26 11:07 source : Click: time

          [introduction]: time: March 2016 24-26
          Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
          Sponsor / support unit: Chongqing Municipal People's Government
          Seventeenth the 2016 session of the Midwest adhesive tape, protective film and optical film International Exhibition (CCWPE2016)
          Hold the same period:
          Seventeenth the 2016 central and Western China International Optoelectronic Industry Expo
          Seventeenth the 2016 West China International Electronic Information Industry Expo
          Time: March 2016 24-26 days
          Venue: Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center
          China's central and western regions of the largest photoelectric, adhesive tape and film cutting industry event!
          Sponsor / support unit
          Chongqing Municipal People's Government
          Asia high tech Industry Alliance
          Organization unit:
          Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association
          Chongqing City, Taiwan economic and Information Technology Promotion Association
          Chongqing Municipal People's Government Office of electronic manufacturing
          Chongqing Optoelectronics Industry Association
          Chongqing Institute of Electronics
          Chongqing Institute of automation and instrumentation
          Chongqing Semiconductor Industry Association
          Chongqing semiconductor lighting Committee
          Undertaking unit:
          Chongqing Tianyi Exhibition Co. Ltd nine
          (national high technology 10 exhibition organization)
          Membrane industry professional committee of Chongqing Electronic Society
          Co Organizer
          China Electronic Science and technology group sound photoelectric company
          Chinese Silian Instrument Group Co. Ltd.
          Electronic Society of Sichuan Province
          Chongqing West Wing microelectronics Park Management Committee
          Chongqing Photoelectric Industrial Park Management Committee
          Chongqing Tan Tan bonded port zone management committee,
          Bishan Chongqing Industrial Park Management Committee
          Yongchuan Chongqing Industrial Park Management Committee
          Chongqing China South Korea Electronic Industrial Park Management Committee
          Chongqing Tea Garden Industrial Park Management Committee
          College of communication and information, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
          China Aviation (Chongqing) Electronics Co., Ltd.
          China Telecom Chongqing branch
          Exhibition survey
          The 2016 adhesive tape, protective film and optical film International Exhibition (APFO EXPO CHONGQING 2016) by the Asian high-tech industry alliance, the Chongqing Municipal People's government office, Chongqing City photoelectric electronics manufacturing industry association, China Senior Exhibition Agency - Chongqing Tianyi Exhibition hosted by the nine company and other units, is a protective film, leading in Western China the optical film, coating and tape cutting exhibition, showcasing a variety of protective film, optical film coating and cutting processing equipment, based on industry applications, provided new materials for the most comprehensive adhesive tape and protective film and optical film and new technology for new technology including touch screen, optical film and the west the protective film coating and tape cutting industry to demonstrate its technology research and development, production and processing of the comprehensive strength of the important industry platform, help to achieve production Industry to upgrade, to open up new applications of cross-border industry.
          CCWPE2016 has our country center-west region photoelectric LED, film, electronic, packaging, plastics, automobile, shipbuilding, medical, military, aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, telecommunications, railways, manufacturing, communications, automation, instrumentation, electrical, computer, semiconductor, medical and other dozens of relevant professional societies / Association vigorously support and close cooperation, with extensive and solid professional audience base.
          Market perspective
          The world is concerned about China, and China is focused on the West. As the upper reaches of the Yangtze River economic center, central and western development of Chongqing City, is the largest notebook computer production base in the world, the world's largest motorcycle base, the country's largest car base, the country's largest instrument base and national inland maximum development and opening up of "Liangjiang New Area" has also set up in Chongqing. With the further study of the large-scale development of the western region and Chengdu Chongqing economic circle formation, Midwest only municipality directly under the central government, Chongqing is expected to become rise throughout the southeast area, lead China's future ten years development.
          2016 China Midwest international adhesive tape protective film and optical film exhibition "is scheduled for 2016 24-26 March held in Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center, the General Assembly will be held at the same time" 2016 third Midwest international electronics manufacturing and robotics forum "
          , "2016 the 3rd China Chongqing national strategic emerging industries and Western photoelectric Development Forum", "2016 China (Chongqing) adhesive tape, protective film and optical film technology exchange" and a plurality of supporting activities, will be invited to the Ministry of science and technology, the national development and Reform Commission, optoelectronic / electronic experts, machine hand, optoelectronic and LED / celebrities and Chongqing municipal government competent leadership attended the forum and exhibition opening ceremony. This event will be the largest in the Midwest, the highest grade, most supporting activities of the industry event.
          Industry outlook:
          With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization and the rapid development of China's economy, China has become the world's largest and most attractive industrial market. Adhesive tape, protective film and optical film market is rapidly expanding in the chemical industry, China has become the world's adhesive industry processing plant and consumer countries, the annual growth rate of 16%. Adhesive industry has become China's chemical industry the most dynamic one of the most important industries, along with the economical development and the technical progress, increasingly broaden the application field, especially adhesive tape, protective film and optical film is widely used in electronics, mobile phones, optoelectronics, communication, packaging, construction, paper, wood, aerospace, automotive, textile, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, medical and other industries, which has become one of China's fastest growing field of chemical industry.
          Exhibits category

          1, adhesive tape, mainly including adhesive packing belt, printing tape, sealing packing tape, industrial adhesive tape, electrical / gas tape, electronic tape, chemical adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, cassette tape, stationery tape, medical tape, kraft paper tape, textured paper tape, wire harness tape, cloth tape, foil tape, film tape, hot melt adhesive tape, adhesive labels, adhesive tape protects, the pressure sensitive film paste, such as adhesive tape products and cutting.
          2, protective film: PE, PVC, pet, BOPP, LDPE protective film, including surface protective film, stretch film, shrink film, stretch film and packing belt (packing tape), hot melt adhesive film, stamping film, composite film, automotive protective film, mobile phone protective film, LCD protective film, optical protection film, double side adhesive tape film, electrostatic protective film, resistance to high temperature membrane, pet aluminum plating membrane etc. various protective film packaging materials;
          3, optical film: ITO film, conductive film, polarizing film: TAC film, PVC film, PET film (optical level). Backlight films: reflective film / sheet, film diffusion / film, prism sheet (Zeng Guangmo), condenser, increasing bright membrane, light shielding film, widely depending on the cornea, polarizing film, semipermeable membrane and alignment film. Adhesive film, optical protective film, adhesive tape, shielding film, release film and optical film adhesive material layer, etc.. Optical compensation film for LCD: phase difference film, anti reflection film, anti dazzle film, etc.. Properties improve the film: brightness improve the film, reflective film to prevent the perspective of the adjustment of the film, etc.. Other optical film: car insulation film (film), solar optical film, insulation film, laser film, heat sealing film, film motor, transfer film / transfer film, grinding film;
          4, chemical raw materials and products: all kinds of adhesive products production with chemical raw materials and products, including adhesive, resin, silica gel, glue, solvent, waxes, hot melt adhesive, auxiliaries, ink and bronzing materials, flat printing materials, auxiliary materials;
          5, production equipment and instruments: various adhesive products related equipment, including coating machine, slitting machine, laminating machine, die-cutting equipment, molding machine, plastic equipment, labeling machine, balers, winding machine, thickness gauge, analysis and testing instruments, applying glue tools and techniques and related packaging and printing equipment etc..
          Charges (angular spread at 10%)
          1, national standard booth (3 * 3M): domestic 9800 yuan / booth, foreign $2000 / booth.
          2, special equipment exhibition (36 square meters rent): 1000 yuan / square meters of domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises 300 USD / square meters.
          Journal of advertising and other services
          Note: the journal is used in the promotion of enterprise products and enterprise image, for distribution agents, purchasers and professional collection; please March 2016 ten days before the date of the Journal of advertising film (210mm * 145mm) or electronic design proofs sent to the organizing committee.
          Sealing surface: 20000 yuan two yuan: 10000 yuan gas column: 2600 yuan / A
          Open page: 16000 yuan three: 8000 yuan seal bottom: 15000 yuan
          In color: 6000 yuan bag: 5000 yuan / thousand rainbow door: 10000 yuan / out
          Text recommendation: 1000 yuan gate ticket: 5000 yuan /2 million copies of the black and white pages: 2000 yuan
          Visitor badges: 20000 yuan / Exhibition (exclusive)
          Sponsorship fee:
          In 300 thousand, 200 thousand, 10 three level, to sponsor units please to the general assembly for detailed regulations "sponsored".
          Sponsor benefits:
          A honor courtesy B opening ceremony venue C D Journal of advertising publicity publicity publicity E tickets
          F seminar G website propaganda H media interview I booth arrangement priority J professional audience invitation publicity, etc.
          Meeting activities
          During the exhibition in addition to product display, trade negotiations will be from the application of industry departments, associations, industry, well-known enterprises of cutting-edge technology: indicating that the authority and the enterprise release of new technologies, new products, and other activities.
          Charge standard: RMB6800 yuan / field (contractors to provide places, tables and chairs, tea, related equipment, to help organize the audience).
          Contact information
          Chongqing Tianyi Exhibition Co. Ltd nine
          Tel: 86-23-6295 522661203244
          Fax: 86-23-6291 880661981811
          Contact: Mr. Jin Fulin (MR) 86-18523028897
          Mailbox: 2429793676@qq.com 526841047@qq.com