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          Company news

          To celebrate the success of the Dongguan City photoelectric

          time :2016-01-26 11:08 source : Click: time

          The company was founded in 2013, is a focus on small and medium sized optical film processing and manufacturing enterprises. The brilliance of Taiwan District in Southern China Chinese only designated cutting factory. Product line focused on the prism film, diffusion film, reflective film and other optical components. Import ISO9000 quality management system and lean production management mode.
          Film cutting processing positioning: mobile phone back light source manufacturers and flat back light source manufacturers complete with, to become the industry's first class processing
          Company's development strategy: Based on the domestic market, with the first backlight factory, the development of the outside of the back light source plant
          The company benefits: buy social security, the provision of accommodation, held annually year-end sweepstakes, according to the operation of the company issuing bonus at the end of the year.